Monday, May 3, 2010

So this week I tried to unglue my Tau Crisis Battlesuit that was given to me as a present a while ago, I struggled at first trying nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol, both very silly ideas that just ended up partially ruining the paint job. So I did some searching on the internet to try and find a solution with no solid results I decided to go on an adventure to a hardware store. And I found a nice little product that contained xylenes, a chemical I already knew acted as a glue solvent. So just to be sure I thought I'd test it out in a plastic cup on an already painted Crypt Ghoul to see what the result was.

So this is a top down view of the plastic cup after the disaster. Apparently I had missed on the label that this product can damage most plastics.

This is actually the bottom of the cup, at the point where I had filled the cup up to with the chemical eventually began to melt away. That rod I used to move around the model and see if that would help, when I moved it along the bottom of the cup it collected a big white glob of plastic.

This is my Crypt Ghoul not much else needs to be said.

I just thought this looked cool.